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Spirit Services

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Technology for

Catholic Administrators and Technology Coordinators


Goal: To assist principals and technology coordinators stay current of and understand the different roles technology can have in the educational setting.


Session 1: 9:30 a.m. – 10: 15 a.m.

Review the historical role technology and media have played in educational and social change.


Session 2: 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

A WEBINAR is a rich communication system that offers a variety of tools accessible through any web browser. Adobe Connect Professional is a virtual meeting room/class room that can be used in many ways. As an educator, Acrobat Connect Professional allows you to engage your learners in a secure virtual classroom with a variety of tools such as instant polling, whiteboard, application and desktop sharing, audio and video conferencing and chatting.



 Session 1














LIVECASTING is similar to podcasting, except that individuals can broadcast their show live. These livecasting sessions can be audio only or full video. Listeners/viewers of the live show can chat with each other and the host. The show can easily be embedded in a blog to create an show archive. This can be considered the next evolution of podcasting and YouTube.





From Ustream.tv

  • Ustream.TV is the live interactive video broadcast platform that enables anyone with a camera and an Internet connection to quickly and easily broadcast to a global audience of unlimited size. In less than two minutes, anyone can become a broadcaster by creating their own channel on Ustream or by broadcasting through their own site, empowering them to engage with their audience and further build their brand.


From the Educause 7 things you should know series






From mogulus.com

  •  Mogulus is the most powerful live broadcast platform on the internet.

  •  Producers can use the Mogulus browser-based Studio application to create LIVE, scheduled and on-demand internet television to broadcast anywhere on the web through a single player widget.

  • With Mogulus, producers can broadcast live from a mobile phone; use a customizable flash player with integrated chat; and develop a branded channel page on Mogulus.com that incorporates interactive chat.






From Justin.tv

  • Justin.tv is the leader in live video and the place to broadcast and share video online.




From Qik.com

  • Qik enables you to share your moments live with your friends, family and the world—right from your mobile phone!
  • Qik's focus is on developing the perfect mobile video platform, providing the highest quality of live video experience across all devices and networks.
  • Qik also gives you the power to broadcast to partner sites like Mogulus, Justin.tv, Twitter and Pownce.






What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly referred to as VoIP, is a method of taking analog audio signals, like the kind you hear when you talk on the telephone, and turning them into digital data. This digital data can be transmitted over the internet. Computer-based VoIP service is the most common among VoIP users. In many cases, this type of VoIP service can be used for free. This is because software-based VoIP normally involves PC-to-PC communication over the Internet.


Why is VoIP Important?

VoIP can turn a standard internet connection into a way to place free phone calls. The practical benefit of this is that by using the internet to make voice calls, you are bypassing the telephone company and its charges. VoIP is a revolutionary emerging technology that is causing people in business, inductry and education to rethink the use of traditional phone systems and communication methods.


Educational Benefits of VoIP

"Internet connectivity in educational settings provides opportunities for interactive exchange and collaboration between students living on other sides of town or the other side of the planet. These synchronous, real-time discussions using free software like “Skype” can tangibly expand the walls of the traditional classroom and engage students to write, share, and communicate with an authentic audience inaccessible just a few years ago. Educators interested in helping motivate students to develop both traditional as well as twenty-first century literacy skills in the classroom can and should use audio conferencing technologies like Skype to literally plug their students into collaborative exchanges with global partners on a variety of projects."  - Wesley Fryer from Tools for the TEKS

Free VoIP Options







Session 2 - Webinars & Virtual Meetings



  1. Test Connection

  2. Enter a Meeting Room Using a URL

    1. http://bit.ly/M5hNZ

  3. Attendee List Pod

  4. Audio & Video

  5. Chat Pod

    1. Chat Pod Introduction

    2. Chat Pod Options

  6. Share Pod

    1. Sharing a Desktop

    2. Sharing a Whiteboard

  7. Poll Pod

    1. Poll Pod Introduction

    2. Enter Poll Answers

  8. File Share

    1. File Share Pod Introduction

    2. File Share Pod Download

  9. Web Links Pod

  10. Note Pod


 Wrap-Up & Questions


  1. Reflection & Evaluation

    1. Google Exit Slip


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