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Advanced Twitter Topics

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Learning & the Social Web
Overview of Microblogging
Learning Networks
Hands-on With Twitter
Implications for Educational Leaders
Advanced Twitter Topics


Search Twitter


Use # for Hashtags

  • A hashtag is similar to other web tags- it helps add tweets to a category.
  • Hashtags have the 'hash' or 'pound' symbol (#) preceding the tag.
  • If you add a hashtag to your tweet and you have a public account, anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your tweet.
  • hashtag.org



Twitter Clients ("Desktop Software")

Windows, Mac, Linux:




Twitter on Your Mobile Phone!


SMS Messaging


iPhone Apps


Blackberry Apps


More Twitter Apps



Share photos on Twitter.



View a 'waterfall' of tweets of the current trends on Twitter in near-realtime with a really simple interface. Unlike other sites, Twitterfall does all the searching, causing no additional stress to Twitter regardless of the number of people on Twitterfall.



TweetGrid is a powerful Twitter Search Dashboard that allows you to search for up to 9 different topics, events, converstations, hashtags, phrases, people, groups, etc in real-time. As new tweets are created, they are automatically updated in the grid.



FutureTweets.com is a free service that lets you schedule your Twitter messages. Send it at a specific time in the future or send a reoccuring Tweet daily, weekly, monthly or yearly!


Tweet Cloud

Tweet Cloud is a service that lets you generate a cool looking cloud of the words your tweets mostly contain.

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